My soap making journey started over a year and a half ago when I was leaving a job to take back my own time.   My coworkers gave me a lovely gift card and I used it to purchase oils, butters, and soap making equipment.  I was hooked on it pretty quickly and before too long had A LOT of soap and began gifting it.

Making soap and bath goodies quiets my mind and is good for my soul.  As long as people continue to like using it, I will continue to make it.

The oils and butters used are sustainably resourced, and I am transitioning towards the use of more organic ingredients and additives.  Ingredients are listed in product description.  

Soap's main job is to clean.   But it is so much fun to play with color scents and different oils and butters. I use both essential oils and fragrance oils.  I also use micas and natural colorants to design my soaps.   So, there should be something for everyone.

Be sure to come back because what comes out of the workshop is based on whatever may have gotten my attention.   I draw inspiration in many of the things that I am blessed to be surrounded by every day.

Thanks for stopping by!